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Looking to customize your vehicle? Our professional staff at C&D Auto Body paints and installs aftermarket accessories and equipment every day. Please contact us for a personal consultation so we can help you create the car of your dreams. Take a look at some of our recent projects.

C&D Auto Body offers Sales and Professional Installation of Body, Styling, Suspension and Exhaust components from the following companies. We continually add vendors so if there’s something that you are looking for that is not listed, please ask.

  • AC Schnitzer
  • Brabus
  • Lorinser
  • Oettinger
  • Hartge
  • Stillen
  • Strosek
  • TechArt
  • TRD
  • TTE
  • Wings West

One of the most common misconceptions about body kits is that they are shipped, ready to paint. To make your car appear as if it came from the factory with the intended modifications, many steps are necessary.

1. Test Fitting: Not all body kits are created equally. By test fitting the parts prior to prime and paint, we determine and execute the necessary modifications to ensure an exact and original appearance and fit.

2. Pre-Paint Preparation: Sanding, filling of all surface imperfections and pinholes, and removal any manufacturing seams, and finally priming.

3. Inspection: Thorough examination of the parts after priming to ensure that they are free of imperfections. Often times it is necessary to repeat this process and prime the parts a second time.

4. Painting: Color is professionally matched utilizing computerized formula retrieval on our Spies-Hecker paint mixing system. All parts are painted off the car to eliminate tapelines and over spray.

5. Polishing: Prior to final installation, we remove any paint imperfections and polish the parts. This is done with the parts still off the car in order to keep the car clean.

6. Final Installation: Extra care is taken to ensure rust protection during installation. If any holes need to be drilled, bare metal is treated with rust preventative primer and paint. Sealer is also used when installing the screws.






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